At PGP Tobacco Packaging we understand the close relationship the smoker has with the brand experience and how consumer perception can impact market share in a competitive market place. We also appreciate that in a world of increasing Tobacco marketing restrictions the importance of packaging and strong shelf-appeal is playing an ever increasing critical role in brand identity and marketing opportunities. That is why we have invested heavily in the expertise and technology needed to meet the most challenging designs and quality demands of any brand.

We are able to supply high quality multi-colour designs, including pictorial health warnings, over a wide range of blank profiles and formats, including:

  • Hinged lid blanks for square, rounded corner, bevel edge and super slim packs
  • Outers and display cartons
  • Shell and slides
  • Speciality packs

Packaging differentiates -
It's powerful
It matters

  • Influences consumer perception
  • Sways consumer behaviour
  • Impacts consumer choice
  • In a competitive market - PGP can give you the edge

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