Process Capabilities

Rotogravure Printing:

Proven superior quality to protect your brand - the process of choice within the tobacco industry:

  • Excellent metallic ink transfer
    • High lustre inks release more metallic pigment to substrate
    • Specific requirement for tobacco packaging
  • Consistent print quality and  colour reproduction on extended runs
    • Enhances consumers product perception and trust
    • Supports brand protection and de-risks counterfeiting and illicit trade
  • Inline web fed process is inherently stable and under control
    • Employs enhanced register systems to ensure stable and true replication
    • Facilitates a wide range of substrates
  • Wide range of printing designs possible
    • Excellent replication of graphical elements, solids, gradations and vignettes
    • Offering innovative marketing opportunities to differentiate branding such as tactile applications

Gravure is a seamless and direct printing process and therefore has fewer variables than other printing methods offering consistent and stable quality. There are no offset blankets, no water/ink balance issues, no dot gain and no gaps or non-image areas.

Inline rotary die cutting, creasing and embossing:

The tobacco industry benchmark standard:

  • Consistent and stable cutting coupled with superior waste stripping
    • The only way to create a totally ‘notch free’ clean carton blank!
  • Constant crease beads that run-out fully to cut lines.
    • Facilitates high speed packing lines run-ability efficiencies & final box make-up
  • Enhanced emboss quality
    • Rotary motion and small contact pressure zone (versus flatbed) enriches embossing
  • Inline process - one pass technology
    • Significantly reduces the risk of board shape issues encountered during multi passes
  • Perfect for standard and complex cutting profiles
    • Hinged lid, round corner, bevel edge, super slims, nano etc.

Rotogravure + inline rotary converting:   together meeting the demands of the tobacco industry

State-of-the-art rotary printing and converting